Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My brother and friends, started a movie production company for their movies called LetsGoEntertainment. for fun I've made covers for the movies they've made.

This is City of Fitness 3, (first attempt)

This next one is the Second try which turned out better.

This is the "Special Edition"

This is for Tormented.

and this is for BeMoneySmart (available to vote @ until April 28th @ 5:00P.M.)


Josh Keele said...

They all look great Jake. The Tormented cover looks pretty Scary. I also like the "Be Money Smart" one with all the pictures.

Richard Keele said...

That's pretty cool, I hope they end up using one of them. You're full of talent.

Neil Hiatt said...

Dude those are rad!

Nisha said...

Hey Jacob! I just checked the results of the Be Money Smart video competition. WAY TO GO!! I'm so excited you won!!