Friday, October 26, 2007

New Avatar!

This Is Going To Be My Avatar from now on, until I get a new one, tommorow perhaps, but perhaps not?


For The Upcoming New Resident evil game coming Nov. 13, I decided to sketch, an umbrella thingy, W/ Jill Valentine, Leon s. Kennedy, and Evil man #1...Wesker.
I'm Still Working on Drwing Girls too, so no laughing

Eclipse Castle

Ever Scince I was a youngin' I drew castles, and i needed a name for them, and I liked Eclipses, so I decided to call that castle 'Eclipse Castle' and now I call my castles (except for very few) that name, because it just stuck W/ me.

Yarrg Ye Mateys!

Pirate CapTain T.And His Ship, The Savage Core.

A Pirate, and ship I drew in anticipation for Pirates 3

Armed And Ready

This gun, I drew after playing Resident Evil 4.

The Backgound was done in Photoshop.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Planning The Attack!

This is the first of all the artwork done soley by me, which I made this blog for is for my artwork.

This Picture, I hand drew in pencil, then in pen&ink, then I scanned it onto my computer, then I Colored it all nice and pretty like. I was messing around with different filters, and everything has a filter on it except the sky and moon; but looking back on it I waish i did a filter on the moon to make it look more rocky.

Friday, October 12, 2007

NYC in a Nutshell

Biggest Burger I've Eaten. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

TIME SQUARESnug harbor Park Pier 7

An Island Of Skyscrapers Chrysler Building
Kevin, this is for you, The Maltese Falcon
And That is My New York Trip, 2007


We Stayed on Staten Island, so everyday we took the Staten Island Ferry and we passed this Monument to our freedom everyday.
Night, (can't see it here very good, but it was beautiful)
Day Dusk

Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Fifth avenue iPod Store across from the plaza hotel was extreamly cool, this One1/2 story building w/ just an apple in it then stairs down to one room full of everything iPod.


The Set For the Broadway Production Wicked, as you can see the set is amazing, and the play was monumental, see it if you're ever in NYC.

Empire State Building - NYC

Fith Avenue Entrance Main Mast

Me on 86th floor observatory

Empire State Building lit like this except the last day we were there which was columbus day, it was blue.