Monday, December 10, 2007

25 Things you may or may not know about Jacob Keele

Picture I did who knows how long ago...I put this in because I want to have art work on this.

25 Things, You May not know about Jacob Keele.
1. I have a crush on M.C.
2. I have only been on one date.
3. I saw Harry Potter 4 and Spider-Man 3 Twice in One Day.
4. ^The above movies I saw three times in one week.
5. The Game I have passed the most is Zelda: Ocarina of time.
6. I have no favorite movie.
7. When I worked Cherries (PFG) I felt like I did nothing, but Eat, Sleep, and Work.
8. I enjoyed working night shift.
9. My Favorite number is 25 (hence^25 & not 30.)
10. I'm a morning person.
11. I go to bed rather early for a teenager (9:00-10:00 on weekdays)
12. I sing very very flat.
13. I love Milkyways.
14. My favorite CD is 'The Everglow' by 'mae'.
15. I know Zelda: Ocarina of Time backwards and front, (for the most part, I need to play it again)
16. My top three games are: Twilight Princess
Super Mario Galaxy
Resident Evil 4
17. I have had a really bad desire to go Hang Gliding for a very long time.
18. I hate waking up before 7:30
19. I Love Skimboarding more than any other sport.
20. I want to be an actor when I grow up.
21. I think it'd be funny to do a movie with people speaking random foreign languages that have nothing to do what they're saying, and have subtitles in English.
22. I go through phases, when I do nothing but play video games, and then when I don't ever...Not even when I'm bored.
23. I have thee best birthday, because I get gifts exactly every six months.
24. I'm the second tallest in my family at only 5'6.
25. I love really tall buildings.
(25_b.) My pet Peeve is the Caps Lock button.


Heather Keele said...

Woo-woo, Miley Cyrus. Max likes watching Hannah Montana on Saturdays with Kevin. Yes, with Kevin. And I'll watch it too.

I never thought about your birthday in terms of presents - you do get presents every six months. Lucky... (read the last sentence and the word lucky like Napoleon Dynamite does when he talks about Pedro's bike, okay?)

Kevin Keele said...

Heather, SHHH! No one can know I somewhat enjoy Hannah Montana. Jake, you should get the Hannah Montana game for the Wii, I hear it's a lot of fun.

Nice list, I didn't know a lot of those things. You're a morning person but you hate waking up before 7:30? That's not even that early. You have some good favorite games, but you forgot Shadow of the Colossus - the best ever. You're such a Nintendo fanboy.

The Wies Family said...

I should've realized that you liked Miley Cyrus after we watched the DVD. She is a cute girl, I hope things work out with you two.

Don't worry Kevin. I like watching Hannah Montana too. I think I have every episode memorized (including her songs).
"Everybody makes mistakes, Everybody has those days..."